Song Stories


Post Written By Brianna Collado

Psalm 23:1-3

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I have all that I need. He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name. Even when I walk through the darkest valley. I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and staff protect and comfort me.”

I had the privilege of writing this song with a few other friends of mine on the team. I know it means something different to each of us as God speaks to us in individual ways, and I wanted to share with you what the Lord spoke to me through the season of writing this song. 

This was a season in my life where the Lord was showing me how to completely depend on Him and find fulfillment. Last summer, there were two weeks where I strayed a bit from the Lord. I got distracted and lost sight of my King. I tried to find fulfillment and satisfaction through other things, but they always failed me. My soul was longing for this unconditional love, this acceptance that is only found in one person. The Lord spoke to me through a church service my second week of un-fulfillment. It was Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all that I need.” I felt such a peace that I could never explain. He showed me that all that matters on this earth is Him. That He is my Shepherd, my Provider, my Father, and my ultimate Savior. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom when I realized that it was impossible for me to live without my Good Shepherd. There was so much love that I felt in that one instant, and God suddenly gave me a desire to share it. When the songwriting workshop of summer labs 2016 came along, God gave me and my friends an opportunity to create a song that came from what God was showing us. As we came up with chords, we decided to think of scripture lyrics. I suggested Psalm 23 to be the core of our song, and the girls were in agreement! I came up with some melodies and some other girls came up with chords. Because Shepherd is 100% scripture gives it this aspect of singing scripture back to God in joy.The Lord has already used Shepherd in my life, and I hope that He will use it in other peoples as well.

When we sing Shepherd, I encourage you to sing this song with complete dependence on the Lord for everything. For He is really all we need in life, everything else is a blessing from Him.

Carry Us

Post Written By Angelina Chisholm

The songwriting process for “Carry Us” began in the summer of 2016 and was brought to completion by God’s faithfulness in the summer of 2017. Through that year, the Lord continued showing me new aspects of His character and He continued growing me through His word. What the Lord didn’t tell me was that those same themes He was teaching me during that year, would one day be encapsulated in a song for our youth group. That year the Lord taught me that He is faithful regardless of my doubts, that He is present even when I can’t feel Him and that He will uphold me through it all. He showed me that I must look to Him in all things and trust that He is leading me into greater things. “Carry Us” isn’t based off of one scripture but rather many that all point to our King’s faithfulness. Our hope is that through this song our youth will be reminded that Jesus will carry every part of us through every season of our lives. We give God praise for carrying us through it all!







'Til All They See Is You

Post Written By Sarah Helland

“Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” - Psalm 3:33

Ever since songwriting workshops began, I had been praying over this verse, asking the Lord to reveal what He meant by a “new song”.  The vision for ‘Till All They See is You came from a place in my life where I had just started attending a secular college, and honestly, I felt intimidated outside of my Christian bubble.  That’s when I realized that it was so easy to get caught up in sitting under sermons every week and attending Bible studies, but not consistently seeking to share the Gospel outside of church. This really convicted me, because I had become so comfortable where I was at, and never truly understood what it meant to be on fire for Christ. My prayer from then on was that He would use me and make me a vessel for Christ, and that His power would be displayed even when I felt anxious and uncomfortable.  When I introduced the idea for a call to missions theme to the songwriting group I was apart of, they were all on board and everything started to come together.  The song took the form of a prayer, asking the Lord to open our eyes to the opportunities around us to share His Word, and to use us despite our weaknesses for His glory alone.  I’m so blessed to have been apart of this writing process, and I hope that the message behind this song proves to be an encouragement to fulfill the calling we have on our lives as followers of Christ - and that is to live boldly in faith, reflecting the incredible love that our Savior showed us when He gave up everything on the cross.

You Are

Post Written By Christine Taylor

I began writing this song a few years ago with my sister, Danielle. We were being encouraged to work on our songwriting abilities by our guitar teacher at the time, Bobby Bemis. We couldn't imagine writing about anything other than God, so eventually we decided to write a song called "Brighter", which described who He was to us: our Light in the darkness, our Peace in chaos, our Savior who paid the ultimate price. Out of all the songs we wrote, we kept coming back to this one. After I had put songwriting to the side for a while and left "Brighter" to be lost amongst my other computer documents, our worship team began our plan for an EP. For some reason, God put "Brighter" on my heart again, and I brought it up to our worship leader. After listening to it, discussing what it meant to us, and changing bits and pieces, "Brighter" evolved into what you now know as "You Are": a declaration to our Lord about how awesome His attributes are. I encourage you to really focus on each characteristic described in the song. He is our peace in trouble. He is our light in the darkness. He is our Savior, rescuing us from death. This is who He is. 


Shepherd Lyrics

Music and Lyrics written by Christine Taylor, Brianna Collado, Ioana Peana, Victoria Dowell, and Angela Pedre.

Verse 1
As I walk through the valley
Shadows of death draw near
But You are always with me
So I will never fear

You show me the way of life
Giving me the joy of Your presence
The treasures of living with You

Verse 2
You guide me along that right path
You are close beside me
You let me rest in the meadows
Beside your peaceful streams

The Lord is my shepherd, I have all that I need
The Lord is my shepherd, I have all that I need
The Lord is my shepherd, I have all that I need
The Lord is my shepherd, You are all that I need






Carry Us Lyrics

Music and lyrics written by Nat Sauder, Silas Hintze, Angelina Chisholm, and Diego Rodriguez.

Verse 1
When I'm fearful, When I'm doubtful
I'll remember You are able
When the darkness tries to hide you
I'll remember you are faithful

Take us higher, take us deeper
As we praise you for forever, forever

When the oceans rise, You will carry us
When the storm subsides, You will carry us
All our darkest parts, all our broken hearts
Whoah, You will carry us

Verse 2
As You call us, as You lead us
We remember Your Spirit is with us
We will rest in all You've promised
Goodness and mercy are set before us

I will look to You, God of our salvation
You have made a way (You bring us back to life)
When I fall, You rise, Light unto my eyes
Forever all my days (So we will sing Your Praise)

'Til All THey See Is You Lyrics

Music and Lyrics Written By Sarah Helland, Victoria Dowell, Angelina Chisholm, Christine Taylor, Ioana Peana, and Diego Rodriguez

Verse 1
Open my eyes to, the opportunity
To share your glory, and tell your story
'Til all the world will praise your name
'Til all the world will praise your name

Verse 2
Use my hands, guide my feet
So my life will, be complete
Every word, not my own
Lead them to your holy throne

Every part of me removed
Till all they see is you, all they see is you
You chose me, so use me, and shine light through
Til all they see is you, all they see is you

Through my weakness your power displayed
There’s no higher name than Jesus
Make me vessel for me to proclaim
There’s no higher name than Jesus

You Are Lyrics

Music and Lyrics Written By Christine Taylor and Danielle Taylor

Verse 1
In the darkness, Your presence surrounds
When I'm troubled, Your mercy abounds
Even through the depths of my sin
God, Your love, endures till the end

You are light, brighter, than I can ever imagine
You are peace, Lord, calming me
God You are all I need
In You I find my victory

Verse 2
Thank you Lord for all that you've done
I was was hopeless, then you sent your son
A broken world mended by love
You paid the price, my soul is won!

The power of the cross
We're saved by Your blood
You died for all of us
The power of Your love